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(A Senior Secondary Co-Education Affiliated To CBSE, Delhi)

The RTC school is an enterprising crusade founded by G.A.V.S. mission, a social welfare charitable organization, in 1997. G.A.V.S. led a campaign against the ignorance and illiteracy prevailed in the Jharkhand. The school provides proper education on a natural and healthy surrounding near P.H.E.D. Buti, 8 K.M. from Ranchi. It spells Hope, Determination, Success and joy for thousands of the students of rural and remote areas. The school followed N.C.E.R.T. syllabus prescribed by C.B.S.E.

RTC HIGH SCHOOL is a splendid and steadily growing institution which deserves all encouragement. The lofty aims and its achievement in the Indians ethics for which Educational efforts are directed and tone and temper of training imparted to the youngster is indeed laudable.

Our India wants an ideal citizen with absolute devotion and dedication for the development and it can make capable of possible imparting prior and true education.

At present true nationalists are required for the reformation and prosperity of the country and our educational institution can do it as it plays a vital role in Building the nation. The basic aim of RTC High School is to education the society.

RAM TAHAL CHOUDHARY HIGH SCHOOL a Co-education institute under the management of “G.A.V.S Society (Regd.) Jharkhand” has been founded at a peaceful and pleasant natural environment at P.H.E.D, Buti, Ranchi-9. This school always tries all its best for the all-round development of the students. Itsideal is “To make all the student bonafide citizens of India.” The school prepares students systematically for facing the challenges in the field of education and builds in them a strong moral character.

Honorable Mr. Ram TahalChoudhary is a renowned social worker and keen lover of EDUCATION as well a NATION.